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Dr. Kuhlman goes beyond simple diagnosis and treatment.  He finds the reasons your condition developed.  He takes time to  to ensure you understand your condition and management.   Dr. Kuhlman learns your unique abilities and aspirations and tailors treatment to your individual needs.

Concussion is one of the conditions Dr. Kuhlman commonly treats.  He has particular interest in concussion and expertise in the most current understanding and treatment of this injury.  In recent years several exciting approaches have been developed.  Dr. Kuhlman is careful to be certain his approaches are safe, sound, and proved effective.

Dr. Kuhlman offers musculoskeletal ultrasound.  Ultrasound is as effective as MRI in diagnosing many soft tissue injuries, such as rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, elbow sprains, ankle sprains, Morton's neuroma, tendon tears, tendinitis, tendinosis, and bursitis.  It is faster and more affordable than MRI.  Ultrasound is performed in the office during your appointment, so you get the result immediately.  Ultrasound also improves accuracy of injections, such as cortisone, so there is less pain and great assurance the injection goes where it should.

Dr. Kuhlman also performs carpal tunnel release in the office.  The procedure involves only a needle.  There is no cutting, suturing or a long scar.  There is also no need for sedation or post-op pain medication.  Percutaneous carpal tunnel release is an innovative cure for carpal tunnel syndrome. Like carpal tunnel surgery, Dr. Kuhlman cuts the ligament that compresses the median nerve. Unlike surgery, it is performed in the office, there is no incision, no stitches, and a fast recovery.  Percutaneous carpal tunnel release is covered by insurance.

Dr. Kuhlman makes custom orthotics.  He designs orthotics specifically to the individual.  He customizes them to virtually every type of shoe.

Dr. Kuhlman is a certified aviation medical examiner.  For information on aviation medical exams, 
click here.

Dr. Kuhlman values time with his family and exercises regularly.  He enjoys coaching youth sports and belongs to the 
Positive Coaching Alliance