Sports medicine is acute injury care, including sprains, strains, fractures, and concussions.  

Sports injuries need time and protection to heal, and often they need rehabilitation.  Evaluating 

your injury thoroughly and getting to know you as an individual, Dr. Kuhlman will know exactly

what your injury needs and precisely when to implement it to optimize and expedite your recovery.     
    Sports medicine is managing activity-related conditions, including running injuries, heel pain,

plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma, hip and knee pain, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, Little

Leaguer's shoulder and elbow, tennis elbow, bursitis, and stress fractures.  These sports injuries 

often arise from overuse or from deficits in strength and flexibility of muscles in areas that are uninjured.  Dr. Kuhlman's detailed evaluation of factors that predispose you to injury will help solve the problem, begin the healing process, and lower your risk of recurrent sports injury.      
    Sports medicine is care of medical conditions related to activity, including skin infections, asthma, anemia, and fatigue.      
Sports medicine also includes carpal tunnel syndrome, custom orthotics, concussion care, exercise prescription, sports nutrition, and sport psychology.  

    Most sports injuries do not require surgery.   Ninety percent of sports medicine is care in the office.  Only ten percent is orthopedic surgery.  They need a compassionate physician who cares about you as an individual, appreciates your unique interests, abilities, and goals, and looks beyond your area of pain.​

Recovery from injury is an active process.  It has physical, nutritional, and emotional aspects.  Dr. Kuhlman keeps you as active as possible during your recovery.  Athletes often require sports nutrition and sport psychology support during recovery.  Dr. Kuhlman has the knowledge and experience to meet these needs as well. 

If you do need surgery, Dr. Kuhlman will carefully help you to choose an excellent surgeon, and he will be there for you every step of the way.

Many sports injuries happen for reasons, and they often recur if those reasons are not addressed.  Simply letting the pain of an ankle sprain or hamstring strain subside is inadequate.  Just resting plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, or Little Leaguer's elbow or shoulder does not solve the problem.  

Deficits in muscle strength, flexibility, motion, and balance need to be corrrected to improve the outcome and lower the risk of re-injury. 

Optimal treatment therefore requires a comprehensive approach to make a diagnosis and to learn why your condition developed.  Dr. Kuhlman takes the time necessary to help you to understand your condition and to guide your care.

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Whatever your sport or activity level, Dr. Kuhlman understands the biomechanical, physiological, mental, and emotional demands.  As a board-certified sports medicine specialist, Dr. Kuhlman knows the injuries that occur with each sport.  Dr. Kuhlman takes time to learn your sports medicine needs.  He knows exercise is good medicine for most sports injuries and for many health conditions.  
Dr. Kuhlman works with you as an individual to optimize your recovery.  He provides exercise prescription, sports nutrition advice, and sport psychology guidance.  Whether you play on a field, court, mat, road, track, ice, slope, golf course, or water, never let a sports injury or medical condition get you down.  Dr. Kuhlman will help you get back in the game!

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